photo Suzanne Simmons


Founder & Director; Funk Aerobics, Tap, & Zumba® Instructor

Suzanne loves to dance, teach, choreograph and perform. Her desire to share her love of dance was her inspiration to open My World Dance and Fitness. She currently teaches funk aerobics and Zumba at the studio. She is a certified group fitness instructor at the YMCA™, where she teaches aerobic dance and subs for Zumba and hip-hop classes. Dancing is a life-long passion of hers.

She studied modern and jazz dance at the University of Washington. She's performed in musicals with My World (belly dance, liturgical, and funk demos); Makeda (African); Ewajo dance (Afro-Caribbean); and Judy Montgomery's Stars of Tomorrow (tap, jazz, ballet, and choreography). She's dabbled in other dance styles that include flamenco, swing, salsa, line dancing, and belly dance.

She loves to boogie! Suzanne enjoys the challenge of helping people feel comfortable with movement. She believes that everyone has rhythm, even if it's to the beat of their own drummer!


photo Tricia McKay

Tricia McKay, Yoga Instructor

Tricia is intrigued by the rich inter-connection between the mind and body. This passion blossomed within the context of her early career as a ballet dancer and more recently as an avid yoga practitioner. Amidst the hectic pace of modern urban life, Tricia seeks to reclaim a sense of spaciousness and breath, entreating the active mind to yield in the presence of the moment and to listen to those often obscured, yet integral messages that the body seeks to communicate. Tricia is a registered yoga teacher (RYT) and maintains a private practice as a psychotherapist.


photo Pamela Johnson


Pamela Johnson, Salsa Instructor

Pam began partner dancing more than 10 years ago and dance has become sustenance for her mind, body, and spirit. Pam strives to keep her dance class fun and loves helping students discover that they can dance. The Thursday salsa class is a lively class for beginners as well as intermediate students. The third Friday salsa dance party is a fun way to wind down a work week! Pam co-teaches with her longtime dance partner, Peter Blaustein.


photo Peter Blaustein


Peter Blaustein, Salsa Instructor

Born in New York City, Peter was stung by the dance bug at a music festival in the Dominican Republic. Since that time, he has been enthusiastically engaged with Latin dance and music. Peter enjoys working with the students at My World Dance and Fitness, helping them learn at their own pace. He also loves exploring the possibilities partner dance offers for personal connection, play, expression, and the overall enjoyment of music.


photo Sumayya Diop


West African Dance 

Sumayya has been dancing, drumming, and singing with youth, young adults, and adults in the Seattle area for more than 10 years. Trained by the "Jali" (traditional storytellers) in African dance, Sumayya brings a wealth of knowledge, experience, and skill to teaching. Sumayya currently is a teaching artist with Arts Corp and The Nature Consortium. She teaches a beginner/intermediate class.


photo Miss Crown

Ballet and Tap

I grew up in Gig Harbor, Washington where I trained in tap, jazz, ballet, contemporary and lyrical since the age of four.

I danced and competed with a small studio for about twelve years until it closed, earning many high awards. At my new studio I had the privilege to work with well know dancers and choreographers such as Mandy Moore, Derrick Schrader, and Mia Michaels to name a few.At age seventeen I became a Principle dancer. As a principle I performed and earned very high scores in competition for my classical variations of Lilac Fairy and Dance of the Little Swans. I also began my training as a teacher, assisting and substituting classes.

Simultaneously, I began working towards certification in tap and ballet. I first earned my certification as a student and teacher in the Al Gilbert tap syllabus. I then began my ballet certifications. I am now a certified student and teacher with the internationally recognized program Cecchetti USA. Throughout this process I was honored to work with ballet masters such as Betty Seibert, Denise Renaldi, Judith Hawkesworth and many more. I am continuously working to certify higher in the Cecchetti USA program by attending week long student and teacher training during the summer as well as continuing to examine. Just this past March I completed yet another Cecchetti exam.

I am one of only three Cecchetti certified ballet instructors in Washington State. I teach at theaters and studios in the Gig Harbor and now the Seattle area.

photo Shining

Shining is an award winning Professional Dance Entertainer and Educator who has been passionate about the dances of the Middle East, North Africa and the Arabian Gulf for the last decade. Clients note her knowledge of Raqs Sharqi (Arabic for “Dance of the East”, often called Belly Dance in the West) history and curiosity for the cultures of the Arab/Middle Eastern world as a key ingredient of her exquisite presentation. Shining is a natural in drawing emotion from the music and bringing the audience into that ecstatic atmosphere. As an educator, this is the foundation of her teaching-the immersion of music, movement, and emotion between the band, dancer and audience.  She teaches on-going classes and workshops in Raqs Sharqi and performs throughout the Puget Sound for public and private events in addition to making costumes and hoarding vintage Arab music. Visit her website to learn more!

  Jonathan David Williams